insulated shelters

They Sleep Rough

Emma, in Bordeaux


Insulated shelters Iglou 

The iglou

An innovative solution designed to save lives

Saturation of the programs of help for homeless


The Needs


Flexibility & Emergency



 Inside an Iglou
in Alfortville (94)
Océane & Benjamin
Inside an Iglou
in Bois de Vincennes
 Inside an Iglou
in a squat in Bordeaux​
 Inside an Iglou
in Bordeaux

They talk about us



Geoffroy de Reynal 
 Inventor & Designer of the Iglou

Energy Engineering Engineer

I worked abroad on wind turbine construction sites as a quality manager for a couple of years. When I got back, I realized the critical homeless situation in France. This project is a way to use my technical knowledge to meet a social challenge.


Director of the Non-Profit organization
Responsible for Iglou in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria

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Emmanuel CHILAUD


Responsible for Iglou in France, Italy, Spain, other European countries, USA & Canada, and rest of the world

Photo credits : L'Oeil de Ken

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A big thank-you !




10 more iglous in Paris ! (Bois de Vincennes and Paris) 

Built in Darwin écosystème in Bordeaux, brought to Paris on 20, Tuesday and distributed with the help of a local charity just before the last cold wave of this winter. We were able to protect a dozen of people thanks to you !


End of the crowfunding campain. We raised 18000€ thanks to you !


This money will allow us to make 10 Iglous before the end of winter and also to develop new models even more adapted to needs: modular and transportables ! 


Crowfunding campain. Goal : 10 more iglous and the developpement of new models !


On Wednesday, the crowfunding campain has been launched on Ulule ! We are raising funds to developp new models: modular to be able to welcome families or groups and transportable by a single person. 10 more prototypes are going to be made and given to homeless helping charities in the colder areas of France.


Test phase with homeless people in a squat


On Friday, the first 9 prototypes of the Iglou have been distributed in Bordeaux. A big thanks to the Squat Mission of Médecins du Monde and the Tripote and Mascagne charities for their logistic help ! The first feedbacks are good, the users have made the iglous theirs and those who were not able to get one are asking for one !


Association Iglou 

Sokolská tř. 1263/24
702 00 Ostrava


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